Residential Network

On average, about 10 devices are connected to the internet in a modern household. With streaming, IoT, and Internet media becoming a popular lifestyle, the importance of reliable wireless connections can’t be understated. In today’s day and age, it has become a necessity that all devices have seamless wireless connectivity to the Internet. Slow networks can cause frustration and make the house feel limited. Internet worries can be a thing of the past with our network solution. We assess your need and setup network infrastructures that are top grade today and make you ready for a connected future.

Seamless Connectivity with Zero Down Time

Step into a future powered by the Internet with our network solutions.

Fast Wi-Fi Everywhere

Wi-Fi networks rely on radio waves to ensure connectivity. Homes, especially multi-storey ones pose problems with wireless connections. This usually manifests itself in blind spots where internet connectivity is intermittent or poor. To address this, networks must be deployed strategically based on the number of devices in the area, interfering signals, and other factors. To ensure a fair share of wireless services to all devices in your home, we assess your household and deploy networking devices such as routers, extenders, and signal boosters for uninterrupted connectivity.

Welcoming a Connected Future

Internet of Things and smart devices have become more accessible today. They are no longer things we see or read about in science fiction but realities that are becoming the norm. In a connected home, appliances and devices communicate with you, providing you with alerts and also can be remotely managed through your smartphone or tablet.

As connected devices increase, the load on your network infrastructure also increases. In order to sustain and power them with the Internet, a robust network infrastructure is required. Our solutions cater to your needs and are designed with the future in mind.

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