Read ahead to know the wonderful team that comprise B&B Alarms and our vision for Greater Toronto Area.

Who we are

We are a team of individuals who share the belief that safety and security should be accessible to all. Our vision is to protect families and households by offering safety and security services at an affordable price. We have protected thousands of families and businesses in the GTA and rank as one of the best residential and commercial security systems installation companies in the area.

Our team of highly qualified personnel, with experience and knowledge in the fields of security, investigations & risk management, analyze projects and provide solutions that are precise and right on budget. Our extensive experience in the security industry enables us to perform an objective analysis of your security needs, and provide an effective and cost-efficient solution that fulfils your security and risk management needs. We work with leading brands in security products to provide reliable solutions.

We work closely with our clients to provide quality advice and training so that control remains in their hands. We guarantee that all information on security solutions is shared only with the clients to ensure confidentiality.

Find peace of mind with our safety and security systems

Why Choose Our Security Solutions?

Personal Safety

With security comes the feeling of safety. Our security solutions instil confidence in residents and employees when they are on-premises secured by our systems. This allows them to have a safe space to live and work. The sense of security offered is unparalleled and offers you peace of mind, which is priceless.

Safeguarding Property

It is not a good feeling to be taken advantage of. In these tough economic times, theft is becoming commonplace. The onus of responsibility is now on owners to safeguard their belongings. Securing properties with alarms and security systems deters thieves and miscreants from attacking your property.

Increasing Resale Value

Properties are ultimately commodities and prices of properties increase when value is added to them. A great bunch of value is added to properties when they are equipped with safety, security, and entertainment solutions. It is only right to think of these solutions as not just fitments but also as investments.

Meeting Regulatory Standards

Businesses and industries have to meet certain safety standards prescribed by the government. Without a sign-off from the designated authorities, industries and businesses cannot start operations. We work with businessmen and industrialists in setting up systems that meet the standards and ensure that they are on the right side of the regulations.

Bring Down Insurance Costs

Safety and security systems can single-handedly reduce insurance prices by almost 15%. Insurance Agents lookout for such systems when assessing the value and risk of a property. Installing a safety and security system can bring down insurance premiums and offset the cost of installation by a considerable margin.

Collaboration with Builders

We collaborate with builders to ensure that all safety and security systems are incorporated into your house at the build stage. This enables you to have homes that are ready with all amenities right from day one. Refer us to your builder and we will create homes that are smart from the moment you move in.

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