Industrial Card Access

Managing a workforce on an industrial scale is not easy. Monitoring unwanted intrusion and maintaining restricted access is a huge overhead if done through human effort. Our industrial card access systems help you manage access and keep areas in your premises protected from trespassing. In addition, card access systems can help log employee hours, record campus activity, and manage privileged access.

Instating a card access system ensures that your premises is protected at all times.

Regulate Access and Protect Your Premises

Secure your industry premises and remove all chances of unwanted intrusion with card access systems.

Secure Your Premises

Card access systems let you control personnel access on your premises. In industries, various classes of employees are present. Managing access and protecting areas are tedious tasks that require constant vigilance. Establishing card access systems lets you control the movement of people within your premises and cordon off protected areas from trespassing. With central control, you can change access for employees based on usage and keep certain areas off-limits.

Manage Employee Movement

Card access systems enable you to log employee movement and maintain their timesheet. The time logs become an important resource in tracking employee hours for various human resource functions. Also, they help track employee movement within the premises and give you insights on hours spent at work, times spent in certain areas, and so on. You can define areas accessible for certain employee groups that enable you to prevent trespassing and mischief.

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