Commercial Card Access

Managing employees can become a hassle and as a business grows it only becomes more difficult. In businesses, some areas are off-limits for visitors and customers. Card access can avoid unnecessary trespassing by customers and employees. Our card access systems help you manage employees’ check-in/check-out, restrict access to certain spaces and protect your space from unwanted intrusions. The centrally managed system logs events and helps manage your business efficiently.

Protect Your Space by Managing Access

Prevent unwanted intrusion and trespassing to private areas in your business with card access systems.

Prevent Intrusions and Discourage Trespassers

Businesses are public spaces. But not all spaces in a business are open to the public. Certain areas like offices, inventory, etc. are expected to be accessed only by certain individuals. Leaving such spaces unmonitored can sometimes lead to customers straying into private spaces. Board and signs can deter them but they often fail to actively stop access to such spaces. With card access, you can effectively protect private spaces and defer trespassing. You can control the movement to such spaces with privileged access.

Manage Employee Movement

The other use case of card access is managing your employees. In large organizations monitoring the movement of employees becomes difficult without technology. A card access system can help you manage employee access, log their work hours, and also monitor their movement within different areas on the premises.

Beyond protecting private spaces, card access systems also give you insights into employee work hours and location data. Our systems are easy to manage, which puts you in control of your business.

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