Industrial Cameras

Industries pose the problem of scale and magnitude. With large areas, blind spots and vulnerabilities to threats increase. Surveying and managing large areas require enormous manpower and resources. With an efficient surveillance system, the considerable effort can be reduced. It also helps administrators to keep a check on things from a central control centre.

Vigilance Systems that Work for You 24x7

Our surveillance camera systems monitor and log all activity on your premises round-the-clock.

Vigilance at All Times

Surveillance systems allow you to keep track of multiple areas at once, a task deemed impossible through human effort. By installing cameras in all activity areas, you can monitor your premises and prevent any unwanted incidents through timely intervention. They also help in the investigation of incidents and other functions where evidence is required. Moreover, it is regulated by law that in certain industries proper surveillance systems are installed.

Managing Vast Spaces with Ease

Our systems are designed in a manner that surveillance of large areas can be managed with very little personnel. Central control systems are set up through which a security administrator can oversee activity on the premises and co-ordinate with the ground staff to manage any arising incident.

We set up and train personnel with the security systems until they can operate the system efficiently. With streaming and backup options, the security feeds can be managed remotely and used at a later time.

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