Industrial Alarms

Industrial alarm systems are specialized alarm systems that are required to meet industrial standards. When efficient alarm systems are deployed, identifying and mitigating threats becomes easy. For certain industries, detectors and alarms for specific needs are required. Chemical sensors, fire alarms, and douser systems capable of large scale diffusion can mitigate threats and save both your inventory and people.

One Place for All Alarm Needs

We provide and install alarms systems required by various industries. Tell us your need and we will provide alarm systems that meet your need while fulfilling industry standards.

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Protect your Property and People

Industries are places where people come to work. They are areas of business where manufacturing and production take place. Protecting such areas of production from threats and dangers is a need as well as a requirement. Large areas are prone to threats usually because of the scale. As the area becomes large surveillance becomes tedious. Not anymore. By installing alarm systems you can detect intrusions or danger and raise alerts in the area, which will deter intruders and protect your space.

With our systems, you can protect your industry and people against various dangers. Based on the nature of the alert, you can either address the issue or evacuate people for safety while alerting emergency services.

Catering to Your Special Needs

Every industry is different and faces a different kind of threat. A software industry faces threats like intrusions and access to protected servers whereas a garment industry may require precautionary measures that prevent fires and chemical leakage from treatment plants. Alarm systems also need to be adapted to these changing conditions.

B&B alarms is your one-stop for all alarm needs. We provide alarm solutions as required by your industry. By installing the necessary alarm systems, we ensure that all the industry standards are met and that your property and people are protected from danger at all times.

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