Residential Home Theatre

Every cinephiles’ dream is to have a space to enjoy movies and tv. Being immersed in the experience without any interruptions makes for a seamless movie experience. Our home theatre systems provide a truly immersive cinematic experience with exceptional audio and comfort that makes you live every movie.

Don't Just Watch a Movie, Live It

Enjoy movies without interruptions in your own personal cinema hall.

Rossound Music System

Niles Music System

On-Q Music System

Have Your Own Cinema Theatre

Movies are multi-sensory experiences that must be enjoyed to the fullest. To truly experience a movie you need to disconnect from reality. Our home theatre setups are tuned to offer you such exceptional experiences. They are crafted to ensure the right audio setting, viewing distance, and room acoustics. Our more advanced setups also tune comfort to match cinema experiences.

Uninterrupted Experiences

Movie experiences at home are usually dumbed down by sound intrusions. Loud sounds may cause disturbances to others but that should not come in the way of your movie experience. To truly enjoy a movie, audio systems set at the right level are a must. Audio proofing the movie room will not give you a good experience by reducing sound leaks but also ensures that you don’t disturb your neighbours. This way you can have your movie experiences and keep your neighbours happy.

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