Industrial Fire Alarm

Industries are spaces that symbolize large scale investment – of resources and people. Protecting them is ensuring a safe future and fires are the deadliest threat to such institutions. Destruction by fire can be mitigated to a large extent by timely intervention. Hence establishing a fire control system is not only necessary but a requirement for establishments of a large scale.

Our fire alarm systems are crafted to meet industry standards based on your type of industry and are very efficient in controlling fire incidents. Our systems are connected centrally and alert emergency services based on the type of alarm. 

Protect Your People and Investment

Don't be taken by surprise by fire incidents. Set up an agile fire safety system and be assured of safety.

Timely Response and Action

Timely detection and action can mitigate major damages. Fire safety systems must be capable of holding fires until emergency services arrive. Our fire alarm systems are connected to a central control room that alerts emergency services in the case of a fire alert trigger so that help arrives as soon as possible. Our fire douser systems are deployed to tackle fires both locally and centrally within an establishment. These modes are triggered based on the intensity of the fire detected.

Safety that Meets Standards

Industrial fire systems require large douser systems that are robust and meet specific fire and safety standards. Specialized detectors and alarm systems are required for particular industries. We cater to all needs and set up systems that can work on fire detection and mitigation.

Fire safety infrastructure does not stop with fire dousers. They also extend to fire hoses and extinguishers deployed at locations prone to fire incidents. Our team of experts analyse your industry and recommend fire safety systems that meet fire safety standards and help douse any unforeseen fire incident.

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