Residential Alarms

Home alarms alert you of any intrusions in your environment and standby to alert agencies in case of emergencies. We cater to all possible scenarios that can affect households such as fire, water leakage, carbon monoxide presence in the air, etc. We install necessary sensors that help you detect and mitigate damages. Today, smart home alarms systems are centrally controlled and are active 24/7 so you are protected round the clock. Some of our advanced systems have failover mechanisms that adapt to power interruptions and network failures to ensure that security systems are on vigil at all times.

Ensure Safety with State of the Art Technology

Our security systems are built with the best and the most reliable products in home security.

DSC Panel

Honeywell Panel

Paradox Panel

GE Panel

Quick Reaction Times

Our systems are connected to a control center that can assist you in an event of danger. Professional security dispatchers are informed when an alert is triggered from your B&B Alarms home security alarm system.  They contact your home immediately to verify the emergency and deploy police and emergency services when the need arises.

Deploying a B&B alarm system ensures that your home is protected against all dangers that may befall it.

Robust Security Systems

A security alarm system from B&B Alarms provides technologically-advanced fire and smoke detection that can provide reliable home safety better than battery-operated smoke detectors. This helps you save up to 20% on your homeowner’s insurance. We also offer a variety of customized solutions designed to meet any residential need.

Our systems can detect movement, fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide in your homes and alert you when presence is detected. The integrated systems help you assess the event and take further action without any delay.


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